Diclofenac and Serratiopeptidase tablet


Dikser® K

Each tablet contains
Diclofenac  Potassium   BP   50 mg.
Serratiopeptidase  IP           10 mg.


Dikser® K is indicated  as short-term treatment in the following acute conditions:

Painful musculoskeletal conditions.
Inflammation and oedama associated with trauma.
Acute attacks of gout.
Painful post-operative and post-traumatic inflammation and swelling.
Pain following dental surgery.
Flare-up of osteoarthrosis.
Non-articular rheumatism.
Soft tissue disorders such as sprains and strains.
Symptomatic treatment of primary dysmenorrhoea.


Dikser® K       Yellow, round, biconvex, enteric-coated tablet.
                      Aluminium Strip Pack of 10 s.

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