Qdase Forte®

Serratiopeptidase tablet


QDase Forte®

Each tablet contains
Serratiopeptidase  IP  10 mg .


QDase Forte® is indicated in inflammation after operation and traumatic injury.
As concomitant therapy for elimination of inflammatory  edema and swelling in the following diseases: Sinusitis,  Engorgement of the breast,  Cystitis, epididymitis.
Dentistry and Oral Surgery: Pericoronitis of the wisdom tooth and alveolar abscess.
Inadequate expectoration of sputum in the following diseases: Bronchitis, bronchial asthma and concomitant therapy with antitubercular agents in pulmonary tuberculosis.


QDase Forte®  White, flat, enteric-coated tablet.
                       Blister Strip Pack of 10 s

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